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Tron Dapps

Earn Tron (TRX) by playing TronMain Dapps
TronMain creates an ecosystem of active crypto-investors based on the TRON blockchain, which can guarantee transparency, safety and liquidity.
TronMain Dapps are build on Tron Blockchain.
Tron Blockchain is the safest method to build TronMain Dapp. TronMain do not have access to user accounts or funds
TronMain does not keep your tron wallet or your funds (Tron).All user information is stored in Tron Blockchain
All our tron dapps are verified and open source

Social Network

TronMain a network of social interactions and personal relationships.
Create your own group and share it with your friends !
Every business is unique and has a different target demographic, history, and competitive marketplace, no single marketing strategy works for every business.
Connections are made possible when a person starts to invite people as contacts. When the invited person accepts the request, the inviter can then invite the invitee's personal contacts, further expanding the network as the cycle continues.
Create a free account on TronMain and start to socialize with other users.

Social Coin Cryptocurrency

Social Coin is a cryptoccurency build on Tron Blockchain. The system enables payments to be sent between users without passing through a central authority, such as a bank or payment gateway. It is created and held electronically. Social Coins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by TronMain users based on their activity, Create content, create groups, like & dislike, post updates, upload images and many other methods.
We expect to launch our withdraw system and to be listed on various exchange on May 2019.
TMC Holders are rewarded weekly with Social Coin from our Airdrop.

You do not need to have a TronMain Account to play our Tron Dapps, you must have TronLink or TronPay wallet installed

Social Coins Airdrop for TMC Holders : 7.05.2019 | 1 TMC Coin = 100 Social Coins

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    Utopialand Rewards: 24 UTPL~$24+Ref
    Utopialand is a crypto currency based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) network. Their vision is to give every investor an equal opportunity to participate

    in one of the most lucrative investment in the world, the real estate.Utopialand is airdropping is 24 UTPL tokens worth of $24 to each airdrop…[Read more]

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    Kozjin is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide everyday banking and payment services to the millions of consumers worldwide.
    Kozjin is airdropping 2 KOZ tokens for KYC and joining Telegram and also earn 0.5 KOZ for each referral.

    Steps to claim Airdrop
    Chat with Kozjin Telegram bot here :
    Click on “/joingroup” to joi…[Read more]

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  6. #6 Николай 1,025
  7. #7 Oleh Skliarenko 995
  8. #8 Razz 650
  9. #9 Chr0n 550
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